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Computer Comforts, Inc. designs and manufactures furniture for flexible learning environments. Creating multi-use classrooms is a growing trend on campus. The patented Hide Away LCD table allows you to offer General Purpose or Computer Lab in the same space. The Active Learning Table, Team Table and Keyboard Pocket Table are also great solutions for today's flexible spaces.

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By Computer Comforts, Inc.

CAD Drafting Table Computer Comforts has designed a multi-purpose computer table that combines both paper drafting and Computer Aided Design into a single small footprint table. The tabletop includes an adjustable tilt mechanism to create a comfortable drawing surface (0-27 degree tilt). Optional CPU holders and... Read more »

By Computer Comforts, Inc.

LCD Secure Table The LCD Secure Table was created to provide an added level of security to any classroom setting. This unique table design secures the LCD using bolt-down brackets. Further protection is also an option with tamper-proof screws used to attach the monitor. Since the LCD is mounted to the back edge... Read more »

By Computer Comforts, Inc.

Active Lectern Description: This new lectern was designed for classrooms with limited floor space and a more central location for the teaching station within the room. The unique rounded shape benefits classroom layouts with student tables wrapped around the instructor. Although a locking front door is... Read more »

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Is your Campus Prepared For The Esports Craze

Is your Campus Prepared For The Esports Craze

Is your Campus Prepared For The Esports Craze

By Computer Comforts, Inc.

Estimates forecast over 420 million people worldwide will be watching Esports in 2019. This explosive growth as a spectator sport has caught the attention of many colleges. Technology has long been a major element of student life. Incorporating an Esports program on campus is a natural extension...
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