Product Spotlight
  • Available from Computer Comforts, Inc.

    Description: Varsity Esports programs are taking colleges and universities by storm and so is the new MOBA table design. These exciting new and innovative programs deserve an eye-catching environment and the MOBA table does just that. Just like the other school teams have their own stadiums and... Read More
  • Available from SOPREMA, Inc

    PRODUCT DOCUMENTS ALSAN Flashing Brochure ALSAN Flashing Kit Brochure ALSAN Flashing PDS ALSAN Flashing Pipe Penetration Installation Instructions ALSAN Flashing SDS EMAIL DOCUMENTS ADD TO BASKET ALSAN Flashing is a proprietary polyurethane bituminous resin specifically formulated for... Read More
  • Available from Perdue Acoustics Company

    Our diffuser panels maintain reflected sound energy while controlling undesirable reflections. This means the sound is scattered evenly throughout the listening space. Our reflectors are used to optimize the strength and timing of reflected sound to all audience locations. Read More
Top Companies
  • Computer Comforts, Inc. designs and manufactures furniture for flexible learning environments. Creating multi-use classrooms is a growing trend on campus. The patented Hide Away LCD table allows you to offer General Purpose or Computer Lab in the same space. The Active Learning Table, Team Table... Read More
  • SOPREMA manufactures and provides waterproofing products such as SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes, Hot Rubberized Asphalt and Polyurethane, PMMA and SEBS Coatings. SOPREMA products offer various methods of application including self-adhered and green roof configuration. SOPREMA develops systems to... Read More
  • Perdue Acoustics is a manufacturing company that manufactures, sells, and installs cutting edge acoustic panels, battles, diffusers and other products for sound abatement and control of echo and reverberation in facilities all over the country, located in Amarillo, Texas. Read More