Product Spotlight
  • Available from SOPREMA, Inc

    PRODUCT PROPERTIES VersiPave® is an innovative paver pedestal offering solutions to a variety of challenging installation details. Its height range of 1” - 1.75” (24mm - 45mm) can be raised in increments of 0.75” (20mm) and/or 1.50” (40mm) with stacking VersiPave Extenders. INSTALLATION Each... Read More
  • Available from Perdue Acoustics Company

    To create the desired listening experience in your room it is important to address sound diffusion to eliminate echo as well as noise reduction to negate reverberation. Perdue Acoustics’ patented Wedge™ Series Diffsorbers slope across the width of each panel and are modeled after the ideal... Read More
Top Companies
  • SOPREMA manufactures and provides waterproofing products such as SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes, Hot Rubberized Asphalt and Polyurethane, PMMA and SEBS Coatings. SOPREMA products offer various methods of application including self-adhered and green roof configuration. SOPREMA develops systems to... Read More
  • Perdue Acoustics is a manufacturing company that manufactures, sells, and installs cutting edge acoustic panels, battles, diffusers and other products for sound abatement and control of echo and reverberation in facilities all over the country, located in Amarillo, Texas. Read More