White Papers for Management & Maintenance for Educational Facilities

  • Student Lab Safety Agreement

    This lab safety agreement is a great way to get students thinking about and committing to being mindful of lab safety.
  • Twenty Years of Educational Acoustics

    With this book, Jay hopes to give teachers, leaders, professors, and other decision-makers the knowledge on acoustics and the confidence to make successful acoustical choices.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe: 7 Ways To Prepare For Workplace Emergencies

    Millions of workplace injuries documented. This year's flu season the worst in nearly a decade. Dangerous perpetrators flooding headlines. Yet, statistics can’t prepare managers or employees for what to do when their workplace becomes a target for any type of critical issue. Crisis...
  • Is your Campus Prepared For The Esports Craze

    Estimates forecast over 420 million people worldwide will be watching Esports in 2019. This explosive growth as a spectator sport has caught the attention of many colleges. Technology has long been a major element of student life. Incorporating an Esports program on campus is a natural extension...
  • San Francisco Federal Buildings

    This project covers the access between two federal buildings on Sansome Street in Downtown San Francisco. The area is used for government parking of Homeland Security and loading, unloading, and transfer of federal prisoners associated with security to our nation.
  • Health, Wellness & Specifying Luxury Vinyl Tile

    Today, Health-conscious designers, building owners and facility managers are paying more attention and asking more questions than ever before about products that they are purchasing as interest in the health and wellness aspects of the built environment continue to grow. This paper focuses on...
  • How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp

    People want to stay in their homes as long as possible and maintain their independence even if their mobility becomes compromised. A safe and accessible entry to the home is key to staying safely in the home you love. A wheelchair ramp is one of the easiest solutions to providing accessibility...
  • Benefits of Announcements on the Login Portal for Education

    Let’s be honest: the benefits of announcements are nothing new in the world of education.  Many applications and service providers have the option to implement announcements. However, these features often do not integrate well with the login process. On top of that, announcements are often lost...