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Actuators, Electric

NECC is one of the largest authorized stocking distributors in the world for electric actuators. We stock a full assortment of electric actuators, electronic actuators and distributed digital control actuators to meet your needs. Whether you are controlling a damper or a valve, NECC stocks the... Read More

Actuators, Fire & Smoke

Fire and smoke actuators are designed to pass UL-555 and UL-555S 350ºF requirements. UL-555 and UL-555S requires that all new construction fire and smoke damper jobs have the actuator assembled and tested at the damper manufacturer. A like for like retrofit replacement or technically equal... Read More

Actuators, Pneumatic

NECC stocks the largest assortment of Pneumatic Actuators to meet any need, including pneumatic valve actuators and pneumatic damper actuators. Old and new substitute help available. Fill in what you are looking for in the search bar by name or model number above or search through the catalog... Read More

Control Cabinets & Enclosures

NECC sells the most complete assortment of HVAC control cabinets & enclosures. There are many sizes, shapes and styles of HVAC control & electrical cabinets, panels and enclosures. Ranging from enclosures that are designed to protect one small control from the elements, up to HVAC large control... Read More

Combustion Controls

NECC stocks many new and upgrade boiler and combustion controls manufactured by Honeywell and Fireye. Check out the latest in Honeywell ControLinks combustion efficiency controls. Combustion controls are critical to the safe and efficient operation of any burner and/or boiler. These invaluable... Read More

Compressors, Air

NECC is the industry leader for climate control compressors. We work hard to insure that the compressor you receive matches your application. We sell compressors and components for Champion, Quincy and many more. The heart of a pneumatic ATC (automatic temperature control) system is the air... Read More

Controllers, HVAC

HVAC Controllers gather information from sensing devices and then make a decision based upon that information. Utilizing HVAC controllers, we can energize contactors and relays, open and close valves and dampers, or even turn equipment on or off. Read More

Dampers, HVAC

HVAC control dampers are used to help control the flow of outside air, conditioned air, return air, exhaust air and combustion air in HVAC systems. HVAC Control dampers can be controlled to help stabilize system pressure and maintain it at comfortable and safe levels in whatever indoor... Read More

Fittings, Pneumatic HVAC

Fittings don’t cost much. But when you need just the right one, it can be really annoying to be out of it. We have the largest stock of pneumatic fittings, tubing and tubing tools in the HVAC controls industry. You also don’t need to order in box quantities of 100 anymore. For your convenience,... Read More

Gauges, Pressure

HVAC pressure gauges are one of those unglamorous, simple devices that every system needs to provide indication that the system is working within design conditions. From inches of water column to thousands of PSI, there is an HVAC pressure gauge to meet every need. Whether you need an exact... Read More

Heat Exchangers

With increasing demand for quick ship orders, NECC has access to stock replacement tube bundles for: -Patterson-Kelley -Adamson/Old Dominion -Thrush -Cemline -Aerco -Reco -Ace Read More

Monitors, Gases/Electric

When it comes to critical environments, the monitoring system that you select is important to the safe operation of your systems. NECC offers many choices when it comes to managing your critical environment to measure and report your indoor air quality (IAQ) gases in the building. Quick delivery... Read More

Pneumatic HVAC Supplies

Though DDC and integrated electronic technology have taken a positional lead in newly constructed HVAC systems, a vast installed base of pneumatic control systems still exists in our commercial and industrial buildings and plants. Indeed, pneumatic controls still pack more pounds of torque per... Read More

Pneumatic Controls

Though DDC and integrated electronic technology have taken a positional lead in newly constructed HVAC systems, a vast installed base of pneumatic control systems still exist in our commercial and industrial buildings and plants. Indeed, pneumatic controls still pack more pounds of torque per... Read More


In commercial buildings, pumps are everywhere. Pumps enable us to do so much, so efficiently, with hydronic heating and cooling, domestic water and steam systems. We use pumps to circulate hot and/or chilled water throughout our buildings for comfort control, and to manage the pressure within... Read More

Relays And Contactors

HVAC control relays are used for a wide variety of applications in HVAC and ATC systems. Selected on the basis of power supply, switching capability and configuration, these commonly used devices help us to turn on, turn off, switch, amplify, retard and reverse inputs and outputs and convert... Read More

Sensors & Thermometers

We utilize sensors to measure, indicate and report a wide variety of conditions in commercial HVAC and building automation. No matter what you might need to measure and report, we can come up with the appropriate sensor for your application. Read More

Smoke Detectors, Duct

National, state and local fire codes are increasingly calling for duct smoke detectors for commercial buildings, Now you have a budget-priced, multi-purpose smoke detector to fill this need. These units give you dependable performance for rapid shutdown of fans, blowers, and HVAC systems.... Read More

Steam Traps & Specialties

Pound for pound, there is more heating power in steam than in any other medium. Steam has proven to be a very effective and economical method of heating, so long as the components of the steam system are maintained. Not maintaining these components proves to be a costly error. Read More

Test Instruments

Without the proper tools a job does not get done. This is especially true when it comes to the instruments used to test indoor air quality, combustion efficiency and the proper operation of our controls and control systems. Read More

Thermostat Locking Guards

Whether you are installing in a retail store, dormitory room or some other public area, vandalism and damage to unguarded thermostats, sensors and controllers adds significant cost in parts, labor and time. Stay ahead of the problems by installing guards on any of your exposed HVAC system... Read More


Our industry has developed several ways of sensing temperature, from mercury filled glass bulbs and bi-metals, to RTD’s (resistive thermal devices) that vary resistance based upon temperature. When we marry the function of a temperature sensor with a controller that makes a decision and sends an... Read More


The variety of possible control signals and variables that are used in the HVAC and ATC worlds EP Transducerhave necessitated the development of devices that can help variant signals communicate with one another. “Transducers” and/or signal conditioning devices accept a particular signal in and... Read More

Transformer Selection Chart

Transformers help you to adapt supplied voltages to usable power levels. In control systems, transformers are used to adapt supply voltages to match the needs of the devices employed, and to provide isolation of circuits. Read More

Valves, Control (Control Valves)

Control valves serve a large variety of needs in HVAC automatic temperature control systems. Control valves come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, and can be controlled in many ways. NECC stocks valve actuators and linkages separately that can be used to put together over 30,000... Read More

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives save enormous amounts of energy. When you drive your car, you don’t drive with the accelerator pressed to the floor all of the time, then jam on your brakes when you want to slow or stop. Honeywell Variable Frequency DrivesJust as you vary the amount of gas you put... Read More

VAV Controls & Boxes

Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems have proven to be an effective method of providing a comfortable and well-ventilated environment in commercial buildings and offices. NECC brings a diverse offering of products and solutions to help our customers install and maintain their VAV systems at peak... Read More

Wireless HVAC Control

The utilization of wireless technology in HVAC applications enables installation and retrofit solutions in places that used to present significant challenges. Historic buildings with solid stone walls and/or high ceilings, system jumps from building to building, and control of remote pumps,... Read More

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