Commercial Ford Transit is Now Available

Press Release from Micro Bird Commercial

January 7, 2015

The new Ford Transit 2015MY chassis is revolutionizing the commercial bus market. Micro Bird Commercial is proud to announce that you can order Micro Bird CT-Series for up to 16 passengers.

Offered in gas or diesel, recent tests demonstrate an impressive day to day fuel economy of 19% up to 38% (Independent test VS GM gas and current diesel models). As well as a significant fuel economy, the transit model offers a new in-cab capless fuel filler and an improved engine compartment layout in both 3.2 and 3.7 litre engines that are proven worldwide.

In addition to many of the Micro Bird body benefits, the CT chassis offers a new design with more visibility and a more comfortable driver’s area. The new more-view window offers improved sight lines for drivers and passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. Added to that, the new design offers improved driver’ storage space and a quieter ride. It’s a pleasure to be in the passenger compartment or behind the wheel.  

Once again, Micro Bird is proving its leadership. You can count on the new CT-Series to take your customers to the next level. Profit from the opportunity to be the leader in your market place! Order your demo today.

Contact us to get a quotation and/or more information about our new CT-series .

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