Bradmark Launches Readiness Assessment Services for SAP Database Operations

Press Release from Bradmark Technologies Inc.

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., a global provider of database management solutions and SAP database and technology reseller, has announced a new Readiness Assessment services program to support new and existing SAP database operations looking to successfully grow or scale their IT infrastructure, and avoid untimely rollbacks resulting in planned upgrades, costly platform change, or virtualization projects.

“As you move forward with your SAP ASE, Rep Server and or IQ investment, reducing cost and risk during platform changes and hardware upgrades becomes critical to prevent unwanted impact to your business,” said Brad Tashenberg, CEO, Bradmark Technologies, Inc. “Mitigating the risk and negative impact to your business it’s critical to benchmark your current performance and environment. A readiness assessment will dramatically improve success of your project.”

A Readiness Assessment engagement will expose any underlying database performance or best practice issues and present a detailed report recommending specific changes - whether the problem lies in the database, application, storage, or network environment - and, at clients’ request, those changes can be, implemented. This announcement of this program is in coordination with Bradmark’s Readiness webcast featuring Jeff Garbus, consulting and database expert at Soaring Eagle. (See replay link below)

For companies looking to minimize risk and prevent unwanted impact to their business, Garbus discussed the key challenges IT departments face that affect the outcome of any software/hardware upgrade, platform change or virtualization projects. 

Click here to view the TECHcast replay.

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