Press Release from Newton Distributing Company Inc

Excel Dryer has created another great product to reduce energy usage in your commercial restroom. The new XLERATOR ECO features a "no heat" technology that allows for only 500 watts of energy to be used with these units. This is a huge electrical savings in comparison to past models and other conventional hand dryers. The ECO still dries hands quickly in around 15 seconds allowing for a great product with more savings.

The XLERATOR ECO from Excel continues the trend of great products with a 95% cost savings versus paper towels. This environmentally friendly hand dryer also has another bonus: multiple XLERATOR ECOs can be installed on one 20 amp circuit. Save time, money and electricity with this huge advantage compared to other hand dryers on the market. This hand dryer aslo qualifies for several LEED credits and is GREENSPEC listed.

This hygienic hand dryer solution is virtually maintenance free and continues Excel Dryers legacy as the industry standard. Made in the USA Certified and with a 5 year limited warranty, there is no going wrong with the XLERATOR ECO hand dryer. More units on one power source, dries hands quickly and offers great overall savings, these advantages will benefit any commercial restroom for any facility.


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