The Age Old Questions - Electric Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

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Installing hand dryers in restrooms is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the hygienic, environmental, and economic benefits. However, when searching for studies regarding the age old question of electric hand dryers versus paper towels, one finds that these studies were done using older models and their findings are no longer accurate.

One of the most prominent claims found in these studies is that hand dryers are unsanitary, that they blow hot air which then circulates with bacteria and is reused again and again. However, this is no longer accurate. With the XLERATOR HEPA Filtration System, the XLERATOR Hand Dryer delivers 99.97% pure, clean air to dry hands (1). Additionally, with electric hand dryers the mess of dirty paper towels, which typically end up on the floor to act as a breeding ground for bacteria, is eliminated.

Another claim that appears frequently in these studies is that hand dryers are not as environmentally friendly and energy efficient in comparison to paper towels. Recent studies show that, because of the expense of making paper, as well as the waste and labor involved in its maintenance and disposal, the environmental impact of producing paper towels exceeds the production and effects of use of the XLERATOR Hand Dryer. In fact, The XLERATOR Hand Dryer in many cases can reduce the environmental impact of hand drying by 50% to 75% when compared to paper towels. (2)

Lastly, there is the claim that electric hand dryers are not as cost efficient as paper towels. Claims that hand dryers are too expensive and their benefits do not outweigh those of paper towels. While an electric hand dryer may initially cost more than a package of paper towels, this is deceptive. The maintenance of restroom upkeep is also reduced which results in saving in operation costs. Once installed, on average, an XLERATOR Hand Dryer offers a 95% cost savings. (3)

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