Special Images on Your XLERATOR Hand Dryer Cover

Press Release from Newton Distributing Company Inc

Newton Distributing is a team of experts who always provide valuable information to help educate customers about XLERATOR hand dryers and other eco-friendly restroom products. Newton currently holds a very large selection and stock of XLERATOR cover options. These electric hand dryers generally ship the same day as they are ordered which allows customers to experience extremely fast lead times. There are many great cover options for these units, such as the XL-BW which has a durable color-thru white cover that is modern and does not show scratches or abrasions. These products are impressive, but there are customers who want to spruce up their restroom a bit differently. Many customers work with the Newton Distributing experts to have a specialized cover that features specific logos and information. This allows customers to brand their XLERATORs with their own logos that display in their restroom, allowing for customers to never forget who you are no matter where they go.

Stickers can always be vandalized or just peeled off a unit, therefore the process that Excel Dryer uses allows the logos and special images to permanently become part of the cover. This of course leads to the images standing the test of time and will not simply be peeled off. By choosing an XL-SI special image XLERATOR, customers are given the opportunity to market their own company and brand name in the restroom. It is important to remember that the XLERATOR dries hands in under 15 seconds. This short time allows for a perfect chance where the hand dryer user has their eyes fixated on the cover before them. That 10 to 15 seconds is vital timing for your customer to see and remember your brand name for future sales.

XLERATOR hand dryers have a huge benefit for any business owner, such as helping reduce the use of electricity by up to 85% in some cases. These electric hand dryers can have a large benefit on the environment in many ways. With the XL-SI a customer can print those facts directly onto the cover of the unit. By showcasing these beneficial facts and how the XLERATOR is GreenSpec Approved, your customer has now been educated and realizes that your business is environmentally conscious. By teaching your customers, they will have a greater appreciation of the products they are using and company that has provided them. This is beneficial to your company and reputation so choose the right choice and trust the XLERATOR. Your company will save on electricity and money, especially up to 95% savings versus paper towels.

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