Sound Reduction Nozzles for the XLERATOR Hand Dryer®

Press Release from Newton Distributing Company Inc

High speed, energy efficient hand dryers have changed the way we look at every day restroom products. The modern design and ability to dry our hands in ten to fifteen seconds is an amazing accomplishment, not only for making our skin move around from the force, but because it saves on electricity while doing it. By installing an XLERATOR hand dryer, a facility restroom can save up to 80% on electricity versus a conventional hand dryer. Not only are you saving on your electric bills, but a 95% cost savings versus paper towels is hard to ignore. Paper towels are a favorite among consumers, but if you own a commercial building with paper towel dispensers, you know the annual cost can be very expensive. Customers have been ecstatic after the switch to an XLERATOR not only from the savings, but for having less to clean up in their restrooms. Maintenance is much more affordable when you do not have paper towels all over your floor and getting wet and falling apart from the foot traffic.

These are important things to remember if you are learning about XLERATOR hand dryers. For those who do own them, there is one thing that comes up in conversation fairly often and that is the sound. Some say the XLERATOR is loud, which can be true in smaller buildings or even in select locations like a library. There is a way to reduce the volume while keeping all the beneficial factors in your restroom. The 1.1 sound reduction nozzle is regularly available and is easy to install into your pre-existing unit. Simply remove the cover and there are three easy to access screws that hold the nozzle in. Once removed, reverse the procedure with the new, wider 1.1 nozzle and there you have it, a quieter XLERATOR. These hand dryers are key for your environmentally friendly restroom, but by reducing the sound, customers may be happier as well.

Having a clean, modern restroom can actually boost business. Leave a lasting impression on your customers by keeping your commercial bathroom maintained with eco-friendly products like hand dryers, automatic faucets and even toilet partitions. A baby changing station allows a customer to know you are family friendly and may lead to them having a better impression of your establishment. So when choosing products for your next restroom project, make sure you remember these key points and how to reduce the sound of your hand dryer. Newton Distributing Company sells the XLERATOR with the 1.1 sound reduction nozzle pre-installed making your maintenance even easier.

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