Ellucian Leads Higher Education's Digital Transformation with Banner and Colleague SaaS

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2,000+ higher education institutions leverage Ellucian SaaS solutions to improve student experience and operations

SAN ANTONIO and RESTON, Va., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, has established itself as the unmatched Software as a Service (SaaS) leader in higher education, as it continues to accelerate transformation of the industry. More than 2,000 institutions serving 15 million+ students around the globe are leveraging Ellucian SaaS solutions. And in 2023 alone, there were 79 Ellucian SaaS ERP/SIS selections by colleges, universities and university systems, further solidifying the company's position as the preferred choice for institutions. With more than 50 years of experience exclusively serving colleges and universities, Ellucian has the expertise to deliver innovative and reliable SaaS solutions such as Banner and Colleague, designed with the agility to meet and exceed the unique and evolving needs of higher education.


"Built with a student-first focus, the Ellucian SaaS Platform is changing the way higher education runs, fostering a more efficient, responsive, and secure technology environment that is creating a smarter, safer world for institutions and learners," said Laura Ipsen, President and CEO, Ellucian. "Unmatched by other providers, Ellucian is delivering fast and reliable SaaS implementations and unlocking actionable data that drives informed decision-making across individual campuses or entire systems."

Platform benefits include IT simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and an upleveled user experience for students and staff, while ensuring data security through streamlined updates and reduced maintenance, creating more space to innovate.

"We, as IT professionals, quickly recognized the benefits of transitioning to the Ellucian SaaS Platform. Banner SaaS has enabled us to introduce new features that enhance the student experience, empowering them to navigate their careers more effectively, while also boosting the efficiency and productivity of our faculty and staff," said Anne Pacione, Chief Information Officer, St. John's University. "Ellucian remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering flexible solutions that align with the evolving needs of our business units and ultimately improve student outcomes."

The Ellucian SaaS Platform: By the Numbers

  • Ellucian serves 2,900 customers in 50 countries with more than 2,000 institutions leveraging SaaS solutions.
  • Ellucian SaaS solutions are serving more than 15 million students.
  • In 2023, there were 79 Ellucian SaaS ERP/SIS selections, a 114% increase over 2022.
  • In addition to ERP/SIS, in 2023 there were 120+ selections of other Ellucian SaaS solutions, such as CRM Advance, CRM Advise, CRM Recruit, and Ellucian Experience, reflecting a 33% increase over 2022.
  • Ellucian has been delivering cloud solutions for more than 15 years and was the first to market with two fully functional SaaS-based ERP/SIS solutions.
  • Recent accolades include:

"Often, we use the term "digital transformation" to describe the activities of digitizing content or leveraging digital technologies to improve processes,' said James Wiley, VP of Product and Research, ListEdTech. "However, true digital transformation requires more; it involves developing and managing tectonic shifts in an institution's strategic, operational, and educational models that result in increased value of the institution to its stakeholders. Through its SaaS offerings, Ellucian has shown that it understands what true digital transformation means and how technology should empower it."

The Ellucian SaaS Platform: Beyond the Numbers

With benefits of increased security, business continuity and operational efficiency, the Ellucian SaaS Platform provides agility and added efficiencies in business operations to support growth, reduce maintenance and free IT staff to focus on other priorities.  Ellucian's complete suite of SaaS solutions helps institutions manage the end-to-end student lifecycle – from recruiting and enrollment to student success to alumni advancement – integrating data across applications to ensure better insight and decision-making for all constituents while delivering a modern experience for students, faculty and staff.

For more information on Ellucian solutions, visit: https://www.ellucian.com.

Ellucian powers innovation for higher education, partnering with more than 2,900 customers across 50 countries, serving over 22 million students. Fueled by decades of experience with a singular focus on the unique needs of learning institutions, the Ellucian platform features best-in-class SaaS capabilities and delivers insights needed now and into the future. These solutions and services span the entire student lifecycle, including data-rich tools for student recruitment, enrollment, and retention to workforce analytics, fundraising, and alumni engagement. Ellucian's innovative solutions, vast ecosystem of partners and user community of more than 45,000 provides best practices leading to greater institutional success and achieving better student outcomes.

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