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Top Designers Partner with Formica Corporation to Design Diners of the Future

Press Release from Formica Corporation

Noz Nozawa, Dan Mazzarini, Vanessa Deleon take inspiration from iconic '50s diners to imagine trend-forward commercial, residential settings

CINCINNATI, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As waves of nostalgia continue to shape cultural and interior trends, the classic diner has yet to fully get its due. To bring this retro setting into the future, iconic diner brand Formica Corporation partnered with three trend-setting designers to bring forward-thinking, classically influenced diner inspiration to restauranteurs and homeowners alike.

Dan Mazzarini’s traveling double decker bus -- designed as part of Formica Corporation's Diner of the Future campaign -- makes enjoying locally harvested food and open-air dining accessible.

Formica Corporation partnered with top designers to imagine what the diner of the future could look like.

"As a heritage American brand that's existed for more than a century, Formica Corporation has always been proud of our association with diners, a nostalgic setting that brings back warm memories for so many people," said Amy Gath, vice president, marketing at Formica Corporation. "With our world feeling socially and politically tense, now felt like the perfect time for us to remember the community-centric feelings that came with diners of the past and envision how they can bring us back to our roots and back together again. Our design partners did just this, paying tribute to nostalgic inspiration and materials while also demonstrating the needs and aesthetics that will drive future design."

Acclaimed designers Noz Nozawa, Dan Mazzarini and Vanessa Deleon each imagined what the diners of the future will look like and stand for, from sustainable materials to accessible wellness-driven offerings. Each created renderings of design-forward, futuristic diners as well as residential renderings for how this inspiration can manifest in the home.

And while Formica® Surfaces first made their mark in these retro settings, the company's nearly 110-year history proves it has continued to evolve its offerings for modern-day settings, including the selections from Formica Corporation's 2022 residential and commercial collections that the interior designers used in these new diner designs.

"To me, a diner of the future draws on one's nostalgia and on the nostalgic emotions conjured by depictions of an era but is designed with sustainability and accessibility in mind," said Nozawa. "As designers, we must be stewards of humanity and our planet, so forward-thinking commercial design should incorporate thoughtfulness toward the origin of its materials, how those materials break down and equitable access."

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